Flames like Teen Spirit 

How difficult it seemed leading life behind veils, 

running through chaotic days, 

trying to be a part of something unique..
Freedom they shouted from underneath the smoke filled sky of a remote village,

Pelting stones at the government forces,

The fire within couldn’t be extinguished by a bullet, a bomb nor poisonous gasses.. 
Freedom they shouted as they raged into the polluted night under city lights, spirits were high and so were they, 

breaking laws each day 

The fire within was the party they dreamt about each morning to have made it successful today 
Freedom they shouted from within the gates of their contaminated institutions, their youthful voice rioting against each other from behind banners with political stench all over 

The fire within was that of ambition, morality, misplaced loyalty 
For them peace a forgotten term, a state of agitation the only way to lead life in circles as if it were an one-act play aimed for famed immortality..
But along came the Reaper and swished its scythe, extinguishing the flames

In that one instant before death blew away their smoke trail to obscurity,

they realized how uncomplicated life really was 

how inevitable was mortality 

Stolen Kisses 

Their eyes meet, as their friends surround,
smiling a smile which no one notices..

It was on one such night,long before, their hearts had met,
Fooling around,
behind the back of their closest of friends..

They loved, living this secret which no one knew about,
Stealing kisses,when no one was around

It felt beautiful..As beautiful, as her smile..
As beautiful, as the curl of her hair, that flirts with her eye..

But only few weeks they had left, they knew,

Everything was going to change.

“Is it worth it?”, he thought

The question to which she answered, by walking towards him,
and hugging him silently for the rest of the night..

Memories meant more, than logic!


A million questions ran through his mind;
Answers to none he could find..

“Thousands died(of plague) and I still survive
thank you O lord! for you have kept me alive”

As the stars shine down like chandeliers in the sky, another day had gone by..

but Who Am I ?he remembered,
do I have any purpose or am I supposed to wait for my number?

a sharp mind he was naturally gifted with, yet a troubled soul restricted it..

if heaven and hell do exist where would father be?”
“does mother really care or has her new family replaced even me?

Disgusted he picked up a stone and threw it at a nest up in the tree..

I have no skill to farm or any interest to lead,
a pathetic life ahead is what I see

he looked up and cried out loud..

Why? Why do you punish me with such a life? why don’t you take me as well

and that is exactly when an apple from the tree fell

Kill The Boy

Run, said the gun, your heart is of no use here
You have lost ,what you could have never saved.

Daggers have been pulled ,and people have been fooled..
The maniac is on the podium,
feeding the heads of hungry folk..

Divided by boundaries, that God never created,
blood drains down the alleys, where once the flag was hoisted!

Kill the murders, Kill the rapists, the religious fanatics..Save the world from the two faced devils..Kill them all!
Power,fame and sex is all what they want.

But, look what you’ve done..the blood that ignited the fire, has bloodied your own..
Who is to be blamed now?

Run, said the gun, your heart is of no use here,
You have lost, what you could have never saved…

The Hope Philosophy

Its been 3 past eleven she hasn’t still arrived,
been waiting for her by this rocky seaside..

O! what dreams we dreamt holding hands in the grand hall of our school,
we loved, like no other love, the world had seen, before us,
From sunrise to sunset I pledged my heart to her..

Alas! I was only a blacksmith to her dads empire..
“what a disgrace that my beautiful daughter even looks at thee! Love is for children!”
with that he drove away me..

My daughter shall marry a prince, I choose
and live happily like a princess under my hood!

Her prince turned out to be a drunken monster..who blew away her fathers empire!
whilst I..swordsmith of the south grew, in power and became richer with the might of the king in the north!

But whats the use of all the glory, if u don’t have your love to share it with..
so buoyed by my new found social status, I went back to save her
from the tyrant who ruled her

She was same; my sweet love, cried and kissed,the moment she saw me..
I knew then what I had to do,hatched a plan to run away, another country far from all her misery..
she hesitated, but then agreed to meet me by the docks.

But It’s been 10 past 11 she hasn’t still arrived;
maybe maybe it was her child whom she couldn’t leave behind..

Alas! some dreams just float  away and crush all your hope.
you stand on the rocks waiting for life to show u a ray of light
Nay! its a cruel joke,
that the man upstairs has played on thee..

devastated he fell into the sea.

If only the blacksmith had waited,a moment longer,he could have kissed his bride,with a son on her side..

It’s true! some dreams do wash away with the rising tide of the sea…(27/3/2015)

Sailing Dreams

This monotony of life has got to me;
standing here like an old navy..
I am searching for that precious land alluding me…

DREAMs washed away in this storming ocean,
all that i can do is wait here and watch-
as birds fly,
up in the sleeping sky..

The Celestial wheel is guiding my ship,
across an unknown path-to an unknown world;

a world where dreams have wings&
are open to fly…
where peoples heart aint bound by shackles of lie;
and such is a place where a sailor loves to-
live & die…(20/1/2010)