Organ Donation

Let me start of with a story, be patient and read

*          There was a factory, not long ago, which used to make superb cuckoo-clocks. A small, but dedicated group of workers, trained to do the same thing each day on the assembly line, worked there for almost 20 years!
The boss was erratic but hard working. The money flow was decent and continuous.
But then one day, the money stopped.
The boss had made some glaring mistakes in his dealings, putting the company and the livelihood of his workers in danger!
So, he resigned and the company went under, since it was in a huge debt!

But what about the workers?

No debt in the world could take away, what they had learnt and were really good at. Just coz the company wasnt there, or the boss, didn’t mean they should stop surviving.

Guess, new investors and a stable boss could give rise to another successful company.. dont you think so?                                             *

By now you would realize the point, i am trying to make here.

You are not your body. At best, you are Nature’s IKEA project.

It is a gift, which you have received, after permutations and combinations of millions and billions of years. Even a slight, 0.1% deviation somewhere and, you would not have been alive to read this, in the form you are in present.
So to say you are “lucky” to be alive and healthy, is an understatement.
It is an achievement of nature.

But, some are not.

Some due to their own, or by someone else’s action, or due to nature’s mistake, end up in a situation no one would, voluntarily, want to be in.
But don’t such people also have the right to live. To lead a life, with ‘a chance’ for equal opportunities, like we have been blessed with? or just a second shot to survive?

With the progress in scientific and medical fields this has been made possible. (First try, at Head transplant is going to take place in 2017, by Dr. Sergio Canavero.A milestone in human history, if successful)

Your Donation of organs can lead to saving/changing, atleast 3 lives minimum.. Think about it!

Just like you, even your organs have the right to live, and do the work they have been so highly trained at. Do not waste your gifts!

and don’t worry, you will not feel any pain after; only happiness  before.

would like to end this, with a passage-

“The wise understand, that everything they own, is on temporary loan and the possession merely an illusion.
For no one can take earthly possession, with him or her when they die. Surely, they may possess a possession for a little while, but sooner or later ‘it will come to pass’, that everything will be left behind….the act of giving a material possession is eternal.  For no matter what happens to that given object, ‘the act’, has been placed within eternity. So in truth only that which you give,is what you keep forever.”

Elijah (Prophet,9th century BC)



“India is an intolerant country”

There, that was easy. One simple line, repeat it often, across all forms of media and watch it become the truth.

Reminds me of the scene from HOUSE OF CARDS, when Frank (politician) plants a story with Zoe, (newbie news reporter) suggesting a cabinet appointment, he tells her to- “say that name.. say it over and over. Tomorrow afternoon, write it down, then watch that name come out the mouth of the President of the United States. This is where we get to create.” and no wonder what follows is a ‘domino effect‘.
That is when you realize –

A pen is mightier than a sword.

We have been reading about this since our school days; but never before, have we been able to experience it first hand.

Our brain is a stone and our five senses the chisel, that give a shape to it. What we feed our brain via these senses mainly contributes to the outcome.

Intolerance has been repeated so often now that our brain has taken it up as the truth, waving a red flag as soon as it sees a pattern matching the same..

But, how many of us actually face intolerance on a day-to-day basis? is the real question. 

My life, personally is free of such, so called rising intolerance. And if i look out of my window i cannot see it. For miles arround me, each and every person is living his life, going about doing his or her work..

.. but all that changes, as soon as i switch on the news or go on twitter or Facebook or whatsapp. It is as if, the whole world is exploding with riots and end of humanity. 

That is where the problem lies..

Dumbing down our brain, to such a level that, unknowingly we have been manipulated by the social media is not a new concept. We have been been brain washed over ages with speeches, newspapers, radio,movies, music,TV, videos etc etc, for good or bad.

But that was nothing, compared to the means available now. In these past few years with advancement of technology, the world has just become too close for comfort.

And this online life has started creeping into our actual offline life..

Ever wondered what our life would be if, we had no government or rules and regulations. If  we were allowed to self govern our thoughts and actions?
well, THAT is the online virtual world, that you and i have surrounded ourself with,
is the word to describe it.

The problem is, people have got an easy access, to excess amounts of the  virtual stage.
Everyone has an opinion, and uncensored can telecast it to the entire world,
and with every “like”  every “retweet” every “forward“,  it becomes a positive reinforcement for the brain to stick to that kind of thinking.

It is like telling a joke which everyone laughs at and then you keep repeating it. But it is only funny once or twice, after that you need a new joke or a new audience.. And that is where our virtual world steps in.. endless supply of new people. Some you have never or will never meet..

I have always believed that Human greed for power, money and fame will lead to our ultimate doom.. and now the power to control the people has never been easier. Isolated events happening across the world, play right into the hands of those, who do not want me and you to live in peace for their own greed.

My country has been the same. I do not believe, it to have become intolerant suddenly (if it was; riots would have been going around as you read)

..only there is a “fish market” online which needs to turn down its volume a bit!

That said; are you willing to disconnect yourself from this virtual world (including tv and other forms of media) completely?

I think not.

Who would want to feel left out??

(remember groupism?, peer pressure from school and college days? , herd mentality?)
We have become a bunch of unruly immature kids running wild on the Internet..and that is the truth!

In the end all i want to say is-

Be careful what you feed your brain,
because it is highly impressionable.

You and I have the power to ignore it and stop letting the negativity affect us, and do what really matters to us.

25th Nov 2015.

“Keep a check on your digital diet, cause it might be making you terribly sick.” 


A million questions ran through his mind;
Answers to none he could find..

“Thousands died(of plague) and I still survive
thank you O lord! for you have kept me alive”

As the stars shine down like chandeliers in the sky, another day had gone by..

but Who Am I ?he remembered,
do I have any purpose or am I supposed to wait for my number?

a sharp mind he was naturally gifted with, yet a troubled soul restricted it..

if heaven and hell do exist where would father be?”
“does mother really care or has her new family replaced even me?

Disgusted he picked up a stone and threw it at a nest up in the tree..

I have no skill to farm or any interest to lead,
a pathetic life ahead is what I see

he looked up and cried out loud..

Why? Why do you punish me with such a life? why don’t you take me as well

and that is exactly when an apple from the tree fell

Kill The Boy

Run, said the gun, your heart is of no use here
You have lost ,what you could have never saved.

Daggers have been pulled ,and people have been fooled..
The maniac is on the podium,
feeding the heads of hungry folk..

Divided by boundaries, that God never created,
blood drains down the alleys, where once the flag was hoisted!

Kill the murders, Kill the rapists, the religious fanatics..Save the world from the two faced devils..Kill them all!
Power,fame and sex is all what they want.

But, look what you’ve done..the blood that ignited the fire, has bloodied your own..
Who is to be blamed now?

Run, said the gun, your heart is of no use here,
You have lost, what you could have never saved…

A letter to Mark Zukerberg

Hërr Zukerberg
I will get straight to the point,  I am all for free internet. I mean,  that is the only thing left to do. But it feels like, making Travelling free of cost around the world, so that even a poor man from a village in India,  can travel to United States of America
and dream.

but That is It!

If he wants to own a shop to showcase his ideas he will have to pay. Then to succeed, its all about location,location, location..a prime street, facing area or a remote corner behind the Loo..
Sir your intentions, however good, might result in
a disaster,which has left humans fighting for land
which they didnt even create.

Selling a piece of earth with a price tag on it.. look where it has got us. 

Internet Neutrality was the reason why Facebook
prevailed over Orkut or every other crap, because it was
our choice to follow you. This choice was never
enforced on us.
Internet is like a big open playground where
people can play anything, be it soccer, baseball,
cricket, volleyball, is chaotic but extremely
Fun! If free internet means we will end up having
to choose only one game; won’t it feel bland and
boring ? don’t kill the fun.
This might adversely affect the human creativity. 

For free internet and Net neutrality to coexist man’s greed for money and power has to be controlled and naturally will result in making of new laws and regulations.

If u can ensure that, we are always
in, for anything that is free.
Yours faithfully,

The Hope Philosophy

Its been 3 past eleven she hasn’t still arrived,
been waiting for her by this rocky seaside..

O! what dreams we dreamt holding hands in the grand hall of our school,
we loved, like no other love, the world had seen, before us,
From sunrise to sunset I pledged my heart to her..

Alas! I was only a blacksmith to her dads empire..
“what a disgrace that my beautiful daughter even looks at thee! Love is for children!”
with that he drove away me..

My daughter shall marry a prince, I choose
and live happily like a princess under my hood!

Her prince turned out to be a drunken monster..who blew away her fathers empire!
whilst I..swordsmith of the south grew, in power and became richer with the might of the king in the north!

But whats the use of all the glory, if u don’t have your love to share it with..
so buoyed by my new found social status, I went back to save her
from the tyrant who ruled her

She was same; my sweet love, cried and kissed,the moment she saw me..
I knew then what I had to do,hatched a plan to run away, another country far from all her misery..
she hesitated, but then agreed to meet me by the docks.

But It’s been 10 past 11 she hasn’t still arrived;
maybe maybe it was her child whom she couldn’t leave behind..

Alas! some dreams just float  away and crush all your hope.
you stand on the rocks waiting for life to show u a ray of light
Nay! its a cruel joke,
that the man upstairs has played on thee..

devastated he fell into the sea.

If only the blacksmith had waited,a moment longer,he could have kissed his bride,with a son on her side..

It’s true! some dreams do wash away with the rising tide of the sea…(27/3/2015)