The Debate Speech

Good afternoon respected judges,colleagues in the audience and my fellow contestants, my name is Dr Vrushank Naik, i am a final year resident in department of Pediatrics, in our very own KJ SOMAIYA HOSPITAL. Over these last few years of working in a hospital setup, i have come to interact with hundreds of patients and their families, many good memories and few otherwise. But it has been those few otherwise, that have stuck and made me question our role as doctors, in the society today. Do our patients consider us as healers or just gatekeepers of mortality, who put a price tag on each life. It is this sad realisation, which makes me question myself each day, Are we really Monsters, to have the power to own a life, we didn't create and sell it for inflated prices? Has man's own greed for money corrupted the basic needs of survival. With advent of technology and deeper understanding of human body, we definitely are better off than what we were 50 years ago. Science today has advanced so far that it has fed to our God-like ego, wherein we can tailor kids in petri dishes, grow organs from stem cells, have a super vision to see deep within our own body without being invasive. But all this comes at a cost. Commercialisation of healthcare has rapidly occurred over the last few decades, raising the cost of healthcare worldwide. A study done in US concluded that that population, financially in the top 1%, is expected to live until the age of 87.3 years, nearly 10-15 years longer than those in the bottom 1%.

If such is the disparity in the developed nations, consider the situation, in a country like India, wherein nearly 22 per cent of India’s 1.6 billion population is below poverty line, capped at an income of just Rs 27 per day and Let’s not forget the millions who earn even less than ₹100 per day.
The average expenditure incurred in a private facility is 6 times more than that provided by the government.
Govt hospitals aim at serving people and maintaining heath care rather than balance sheets.
A private doctor gets pay/incentives depending on the number of patient he sees or surgeries he performs, thus inadvertently introducing small scale or big malpractices to earn more.

With only 17-20% (according to 2014 survey) of the Indian population being covered by health insurances, the major brunt falls on a person’s household finances to see to it that his/her loved ones get the best possible treatment.

Don’t you think it puts a common man in a dilemma whether he should feed his family or treat them? This in turn becomes a vicious cycle of disease and poverty, a burden which the country as a whole has to suffer. So whom are we kidding when we say we got the best infrastructure and hospitals compared to few decades before if a common person cannot readily access it.

A solution if not affordable is not a solution at all.

We grew up learning that health is wealth but this unchecked commercialization of healthcare has reached a point where, we are teaching our future generations, that only wealthy are healthy, and that’s not right!

As Charles Darwin once said It’s the survival of the fittest,
lets not make it the survival of the richest.

Thank you.:)

The total expenditure of India on health care as a proportion of GDP in 2015 was 3.89% out of which, the governmental health expenditure was just 1%. On the other hand, the out-of-pocket expenditure (what patients pay directly) was 65.06%. (current healthcare expenditure). Is it really benefiting us as a society. Commercialization of healthcare has only made it clear that now Wealth is health.

(The average expenditure incurred per person in India for a hospital stay is Rs 4,452 in a government hospital and Rs 31,845 at a private facility.)

(only 10% of India’s registered allopathy doctors working in government setup, there is a massive misproportion of skilled labour tending to the healthcare needs of nearly 70% of our population. Draining of doctors away from public)

In the end all i would like to say is healthcare is a human right. Fair and equal opportunity to attain it should be each human beings birthright

I love you, (Hermes) 3000!

Where should i begin this post from, the moment I saw her, or the moment from when i was chosen to come to feels like it was destined.
We became good friends, hitting off right away with our shared love for food, sports and stories. We gained pounds hogging food, creating stories. And first time in years i smiled. You know a person is perfect, when you bring out the best in each other. If there was anything i thought off, she found out a way to make it better. She took care of every aspect of my life, and gave me a free mind to do the thing i love the most, being a Pediatrician.
The crazy part was not that, we didn’t realise when we fell in love, or how amazing it was to see our families become friends and later one family. The crazy part was when she gifted me a Typewriter, a Hermes 3000 (1966 make), on our engagement day. A gift i had only dreamt about owning when i was a little kid who watched in awe his eldest mama work with authority on a Typewriter, running the family business. It’s these wildly spontaneous things that she does, which make me fall more in love with her everyday.

Not in my wildest dreams did i ever believe the kind of person, God had chosen, to be the part of my life till eternity. You would think eternity is a cliche, but i believe in the fact that the repurcussions of your decisions and actions last forever, even after you die, just like the words written on a Typewriter.
When i look at her in those beautiful eyes, it is nothing short of wonder, to gaze in them and whisper “How perfect could you be!” , and a prayer of thanx (to God), escapes my lips!

Bad Weather

Is it really this bad to play this role,To feel, the chosen one to mend this shithole,
Why is it legal to allow him to be surrounded by sorrow, throughout,
Forced to believe its his job to absorb all the sufferings, world around has to flush out,
How can anyone be expected to be sane, when all they hear are cries of pain,
I believe i have earned the right to be callous to the joy of November rain..


Not even two Pennys worth of thought did he give,
before breaking hearts and trashing love,
“Sinner!” they called him, “Be afraid of God!
When Karma strikes, you will be left,like a speck of dust in this desert of sorrow..”

But he felt like God,

Turning a blind eye to the wise words…
Continued tearing into lambs,
drinking blood,
enjoying the red feast he lined up.

A wolf he had become.

Then one day, she did turn up,
In the form of a lamb.
He pounced on her and tried to feed on her,
trying to bleed her like those, whom he had before..

But something did not feel right.

The blood tasted different,
like a poison it slowly wrapped around his heart…
He could feel the warmth engulfing his wind pipe,
choking his very existence..

A feeling, that mysteriously got him addicted to her…

Though she bled,
It was she who was devouring his soul!
It struck him,
but he didn’t care.

Karma was here.

The wolf became a lamb.
Cut out his heart and presented it to her,
with bleeding trembling hands,
he was finally afraid!

God smiled.

Karma opened her fangs,and
Just as softly as she could,
bit into his heart,
tore away his soul,

Vanished into thin air, leaving him for dead.

But he didn’t die,
For something in him was

A desire.

Slowly but surely the wolf came back from the dead.
More ferocious more crazy.
A determined man he was,
For he sinned,

To taste Karma again..

Flames like Teen Spirit 

How difficult it seemed leading life behind veils, 

running through chaotic days, 

trying to be a part of something unique..
Freedom they shouted from underneath the smoke filled sky of a remote village,

Pelting stones at the government forces,

The fire within couldn’t be extinguished by a bullet, a bomb nor poisonous gasses.. 
Freedom they shouted as they raged into the polluted night under city lights, spirits were high and so were they, 

breaking laws each day 

The fire within was the party they dreamt about each morning to have made it successful today 
Freedom they shouted from within the gates of their contaminated institutions, their youthful voice rioting against each other from behind banners with political stench all over 

The fire within was that of ambition, morality, misplaced loyalty 
For them peace a forgotten term, a state of agitation the only way to lead life in circles as if it were an one-act play aimed for famed immortality..
But along came the Reaper and swished its scythe, extinguishing the flames

In that one instant before death blew away their smoke trail to obscurity,

they realized how uncomplicated life really was 

how inevitable was mortality 

While the Devil blew his Trumpet… 

There was an Old billionaire, who lay on his death-bed.
His entire immediate family had been called home, and had gathered in his room.

It consisted of 26 people, which included 6 children from 3 failed marriages.
His children’s better halves, accompanied with their own 10 children (some from,each ones own failed marriage), his three ex wives (2 came with their brand new lovers and one directly from court, after filing her latest divorce papers).
And of course the old mans latest 24-year-old wife, the “one true love”of his life (as he called her).
The family’s loyal Butler, Doctor and Lawyer were also in the room.
The only three people, who were never replaced by the Old man.

The family was in a somber mood, gathered around the death-bed, as the doctor left saying “I guess it’s time..”

The old man was real estate tycoon, having made billions in land deals. He was lauded as a shrewd businessman by people who had the misfortune to work with him day in day out. Everybody else considered him a philanthropist..
‘A Narcissistic-sexist-land grabbing-money laundering-tax evading-inconsiderate-devils own offspring’ philanthropist..
You could even call him, a modern day Robin Hood,who stole from the rich, duped the poor and gave back to the society peanuts, in the name of charity.
His favorite hobby, according to many,was to trample upon the happiness, of as many people as he could. He found divine satisfaction in destroying dreams,crushing hopes out of people.

With such qualities,he grew up from a below poverty line family of 10,to be the Tycoon he is today..Thus, for whatever hellish qualities the man had, everyone did consider him, a success story.

But here he was now, staring into the eyes of his family. He wanted to say something,but found it horribly difficult to open his mouth. He slowly raised himself from the bed. His latest wife and his eldest son came closer to him,hoping to hear what he wanted to say. Instead  with all the might left in him,
he let out the loudest stinkiest fart,his million dollar bungalow ever had to bear ..

For a moment everyone was shocked and didn’t know how to react. The old man just smiled looking at their faces. In return the family, one by one started giggling. One thing led to another and they together burst out in a loud laughter…
As this was going on, the old man smiled and motioned his butler indicating him ‘2’ lifting his two fingers…

The butler promptly threw away an envelope into the fire and brought another one to the eldest son.
The son opened it and found a poem written by the old man.
He started reading it out aloud –

“I Leave behind a smile..

The world is already weighed down by enough sorrows and problems for anyone to even smile, 

So I leave behind a smile, 

It has become a precious gift to gift anyone now.. 

The infectious toothy grin,with simple assuring wink or just a loud laugh, 

I leave behind a smile..”

The entire family had tears in their eyes. Wondering, finally it was Death that had been successful to humanize the Old mans heart.

Just then the son discovered, that there was another part to the letter.
He turned it over..
It said –

“Ps : Glad you all liked it.
But guess what,this is not a poem. It is my will.
I am actually leaving behind only a smile, for you emotional fools..
My entire fortune (including this house and other assets and stocks) is to be donated to charity,created in my name..With small arrangements made to pay off my trusted lawyer and doctor their fees and a lifetime salary to my butler.

Thank you for keeping me entertained my entire life, now good luck fending for yourself.
With Love,
– Old Fart” 

The family was stunned.
Only the butler, the lawyer and the doctor shared a muffled laugh.

As the old man passed away in peace,with a satisfied smile plastered on his wrinkly face..
somewhere up above, the Devil couldn’t help but wonder,if he should be proud or scared,
for one of his perfect creation,was coming home again.


Driverless Taxi 

“Where would you like to go?”,
the car questioned him. 

As he fed in the location, he remembered them saying,
“Ride hard and Stop conforming”

While they all took paths to different destinations..
He sat here, in a driverless car, taking him to his 10th job interview
Same city,same nation.. 

Driverless cars! Pfft!!
If only 
they knew,
how he and his mate, used to design them,
sitting on the back benches
in school..

 They were the scientists of tomorrow,
But alas! A jobless man today.. 

25 year’s!!

He checked the day..25 years since he left school..
When did time go so soon..

A happy kid he was,
who lived in the future.
A hard pill to swallow,
that the future was here,
but the kid was no where near.. 

“Act your age”, they said
“find a job, marry,settle down”
“forget your childish dreams”
“Travel blogger! Whoever heard of such a thing..”
Heartbroken he conformed
and forgot, 

until today

 He panicked and suddenly felt alone,
hadn’t he agreed to,
do whatever the society had asked him to, 

“Then why do I not feel happy nor free?”
“Guilty? have i wronged the kid inside me?”

“You have arrived at your destination”
the car suddenly spoke.. 

looking out, at the towering glass-paned building,
dwarfing the world around 

He finally questioned himself
“Have I?” 

Stolen Kisses 

Their eyes meet, as their friends surround,
smiling a smile which no one notices..

It was on one such night,long before, their hearts had met,
Fooling around,
behind the back of their closest of friends..

They loved, living this secret which no one knew about,
Stealing kisses,when no one was around

It felt beautiful..As beautiful, as her smile..
As beautiful, as the curl of her hair, that flirts with her eye..

But only few weeks they had left, they knew,

Everything was going to change.

“Is it worth it?”, he thought

The question to which she answered, by walking towards him,
and hugging him silently for the rest of the night..

Memories meant more, than logic!


And just when he thought things couldn’t get any better,
she smiled at him, inviting him.
He kept down his drink and made his way across the floor,
to meet the beautiful one.

More than words ever could, their eyes spoke a language
that echoed through generations,
their forefathers had been bitter enemies; turned in their Graves,
Impossible, they thought, for their bloodline to mix.

So together, after decades, they hatched a plan to ruin
their great-great-great grand children’s night..
be it the spilling of drinks, or distractions plenty..
stepping on toes, to shove and push on the dance floor..

but to their surprise, all this just made them blush and giggle..
brought them closer.

As they stepped out, on to the empty street, holding hands,

their forefathers knew,

love had destroyed their hate..