While the Devil blew his Trumpet… 

There was an Old billionaire, who lay on his death-bed.
His entire immediate family had been called home, and had gathered in his room.

It consisted of 26 people, which included 6 children from 3 failed marriages.
His children’s better halves, accompanied with their own 10 children (some from,each ones own failed marriage), his three ex wives (2 came with their brand new lovers and one directly from court, after filing her latest divorce papers).
And of course the old mans latest 24-year-old wife, the “one true love”of his life (as he called her).
The family’s loyal Butler, Doctor and Lawyer were also in the room.
The only three people, who were never replaced by the Old man.

The family was in a somber mood, gathered around the death-bed, as the doctor left saying “I guess it’s time..”

The old man was real estate tycoon, having made billions in land deals. He was lauded as a shrewd businessman by people who had the misfortune to work with him day in day out. Everybody else considered him a philanthropist..
‘A Narcissistic-sexist-land grabbing-money laundering-tax evading-inconsiderate-devils own offspring’ philanthropist..
You could even call him, a modern day Robin Hood,who stole from the rich, duped the poor and gave back to the society peanuts, in the name of charity.
His favorite hobby, according to many,was to trample upon the happiness, of as many people as he could. He found divine satisfaction in destroying dreams,crushing hopes out of people.

With such qualities,he grew up from a below poverty line family of 10,to be the Tycoon he is today..Thus, for whatever hellish qualities the man had, everyone did consider him, a success story.

But here he was now, staring into the eyes of his family. He wanted to say something,but found it horribly difficult to open his mouth. He slowly raised himself from the bed. His latest wife and his eldest son came closer to him,hoping to hear what he wanted to say. Instead  with all the might left in him,
he let out the loudest stinkiest fart,his million dollar bungalow ever had to bear ..

For a moment everyone was shocked and didn’t know how to react. The old man just smiled looking at their faces. In return the family, one by one started giggling. One thing led to another and they together burst out in a loud laughter…
As this was going on, the old man smiled and motioned his butler indicating him ‘2’ lifting his two fingers…

The butler promptly threw away an envelope into the fire and brought another one to the eldest son.
The son opened it and found a poem written by the old man.
He started reading it out aloud –

“I Leave behind a smile..

The world is already weighed down by enough sorrows and problems for anyone to even smile, 

So I leave behind a smile, 

It has become a precious gift to gift anyone now.. 

The infectious toothy grin,with simple assuring wink or just a loud laugh, 

I leave behind a smile..”

The entire family had tears in their eyes. Wondering, finally it was Death that had been successful to humanize the Old mans heart.

Just then the son discovered, that there was another part to the letter.
He turned it over..
It said –

“Ps : Glad you all liked it.
But guess what,this is not a poem. It is my will.
I am actually leaving behind only a smile, for you emotional fools..
My entire fortune (including this house and other assets and stocks) is to be donated to charity,created in my name..With small arrangements made to pay off my trusted lawyer and doctor their fees and a lifetime salary to my butler.

Thank you for keeping me entertained my entire life, now good luck fending for yourself.
With Love,
– Old Fart” 

The family was stunned.
Only the butler, the lawyer and the doctor shared a muffled laugh.

As the old man passed away in peace,with a satisfied smile plastered on his wrinkly face..
somewhere up above, the Devil couldn’t help but wonder,if he should be proud or scared,
for one of his perfect creation,was coming home again.


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