A million questions ran through his mind;
Answers to none he could find..

“Thousands died(of plague) and I still survive
thank you O lord! for you have kept me alive”

As the stars shine down like chandeliers in the sky, another day had gone by..

but Who Am I ?he remembered,
do I have any purpose or am I supposed to wait for my number?

a sharp mind he was naturally gifted with, yet a troubled soul restricted it..

if heaven and hell do exist where would father be?”
“does mother really care or has her new family replaced even me?

Disgusted he picked up a stone and threw it at a nest up in the tree..

I have no skill to farm or any interest to lead,
a pathetic life ahead is what I see

he looked up and cried out loud..

Why? Why do you punish me with such a life? why don’t you take me as well

and that is exactly when an apple from the tree fell