A letter to Mark Zukerberg

Hërr Zukerberg
I will get straight to the point,  I am all for free internet. I mean,  that is the only thing left to do. But it feels like, making Travelling free of cost around the world, so that even a poor man from a village in India,  can travel to United States of America
and dream.

but That is It!

If he wants to own a shop to showcase his ideas he will have to pay. Then to succeed, its all about location,location, location..a prime street, facing area or a remote corner behind the Loo..
Sir your intentions, however good, might result in
a disaster,which has left humans fighting for land
which they didnt even create.

Selling a piece of earth with a price tag on it.. look where it has got us. 

Internet Neutrality was the reason why Facebook
prevailed over Orkut or every other crap, because it was
our choice to follow you. This choice was never
enforced on us.
Internet is like a big open playground where
people can play anything, be it soccer, baseball,
cricket, volleyball,etc..it is chaotic but extremely
Fun! If free internet means we will end up having
to choose only one game; won’t it feel bland and
boring ? don’t kill the fun.
This might adversely affect the human creativity. 

For free internet and Net neutrality to coexist man’s greed for money and power has to be controlled and naturally will result in making of new laws and regulations.

If u can ensure that, we are always
in, for anything that is free.
Yours faithfully,